Arita Porcelain is made using traditional methods developed in Arita, Japan. The wares are light and thin yet durable and each piece is fired for multiple days before it is painted by hand.

The historical Arita Porcelain process was introduced to UNM’s faculty by Sensei Manji Inoue, a “Living National Treasure” of Japan for his expertise in the art of creating porcelain vessels. In Japan he is known as the holder of an “Important Intangible Cultural Property.” The UNM Arita porcelain program has been a tangible and intangible asset as a result of the relationship with Sensei Manji Inoue and his commitment to peace and the arts with the United States and Japan, together forming a lasting friendship, again, through the arts.


Kathryne Cyman

Kathryne Cyman

Professor of Practice, Arita Porcelain

Kathryne grew up in Michigan and traveled west to study Fine Arts at Arizona State University. She received a BFA in Ceramics in 1984. Kathryne considered handmade pottery an art form, even though ceramic...