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The graduate minor in museum studies is available to students who have been admitted to any graduate program at UNM, including both Art Studio and Art History.

The graduate minor in museum studies is intended to be an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes mentoring and collaborative opportunities through a combination of structured work experiences, academic instruction, supervised internships, and short-term professional workshops and training cousres. Additional emphasis will be placed on collection care, management, and preservation.

The graduate minor in museum studies requires 9 hours of coursework and 6 hours of internship for a total of 15 hours. In most cases, this will be additional to the coursework required for the degree program in which the student is enrolled.

Internship opportunities are available at a number of museums on the UNM campus and around the state. Students can apply for internships at specific museums. The minor is available to any student enrolled in a graduate degree program. Once completed, the minor designation will appear on a student’s transcript.

The minor is distributed as follows:

    6 hours of required courses

      MSST 507, Museum Practices (3)
      MSST 585, Seminar in Museum Methods (3)

    3 hours of museum studies topics courses

      MSST 529, Topics in Museum Studies (3)

    6 hours of internship

      MSST 586, Practicum: Museum Methods (3)


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