ARTS 529 : ‘Politics of Performance’ presents
Performances + Research
UNM Hartung Hall, room 104

Thurs Dec 4 // 1:00-3:00 pm

Fri Dec 5 // 3:30-5:30pm

UNM students in the Fall 2014 Politics of Performance class are pleased to present their artistic and academic research through embodied performance at this two-day, end-of-semester event. The work presented encompasses a range of intermedia strategies  that include explorations of presence, collaborative sound-making, choreography, linguistic fictions, game show structure, trickster figures, gender performance and failure, corporate personhood, and more.
Presenters include Sarah Beck, Courtney Deisch, Gina Falcone, Erin Fussell, Stephanie Galliart, Lara Goldmann, Ian Kerstetter, Simon Kessler, Britney King, Michael Lathrop, Christian Maes, Rachel McCaulley, Darius Milligan, Christian Newman, Elizabeth Shores, and Mira Woodson.
[image design by Ian Kerstetter 2014]
For more info, contact Szu-Han Ho: