Land Arts of the American West UNM is heading out on its first 2015 Field Investigation of the season. We have a tremendous crew from the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, and the Glasgow School of Art, along with an amazing itinerary that will take us throughout the Southwestern region.

This fall we will be visiting various econiches and infustructure/intervention/habitation sites. Special programming includes an investigation of Four Corners Resource Extraction with Diné activists and a collaborative public project on the Gila River in response to its potential diversion.

Students will be engaged as creative practitioners out in the field while also making work and collecting primary sources for their artistic research process. There will be three Field Investigations after which students will transform these materials into a public engagment for a final, end of the semester, presentation.

2015 Field Itinerary

Aug 24 – Sept 7 – Field Investigation I
Aug 24 – 27 – San Rafael Swell, Utah

Aug 28 – 29 – Horseshoe Canyon

Aug 30 – 31 – Glen Canyon Dam, Page, AZ

Sept 1 – 6 – Cebolla Canyon, NM

Sept 7 – Back to UNM


Sept 17 – Oct 1 – Field Investigation II
Sept 17 – 21 – El Vado, NM

Sept 22 – 25 – Four Corners Resource Extraction

Sept 26 – 30 – Valle Vidal, NM

Oct 1 – Back to UNM


Oct 9 – Oct 23 – Field Investigation III

Oct 9 – 15 – Gila River Collaborative Project

Oct 16 – 20 – Big Bend/Rio Grande, TX

Oct 21 – 22 – White Sands, NM

Oct 23 –Back to UNM


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