Rainosek Gallery, George Pearl Hall

School of Architecture and Planning, UNM

Opening Friday October 17, 6PM, last evening of the show Oct 20nd.

Silent auction of the prints.

Eddie’s Inferno Cocktail Lounge, Star Florist, Roadrunner Coffee Shop, Paris Shoe Shop and many other businesses throughout mid-twentieth century Albuquerque, New Mexico had signs designed and installed by the Zeon Corporation (aka Electrical Products of New Mexico). We will be displaying a collection of prints of drawings used to create these and other signs along Central Avenue / Route 66 in the 1960s and 1970s.

We are hoping to collect your stories about the signs or businesses they represented for potential use in The Zeon Files, an upcoming book about the drawings. The Zeon Files will include the drawings in this show and others to illustrate the craft of sign making in New Mexico. The book by Ellen Babcock and Mark C. Childs is scheduled to be published by UNM Press in late 2015.

We will host an opening at 6pm on Friday October 17th and the show will remain until October 22nd.  There will be a silent auction for the prints in this show that will end at 6pm on Oct. 22nd.  Proceeds from the auction will go to the Friends of the Orphan Signs, a non-profit that places art on currently unused signs.

If you weren’t in Albuquerque in the 60s or 70s then come have a look at these beautiful working drawings from the heyday of Route 66.


Information on the show: Prof. Mark C.  Childs, mchilds@unm.edu

Information on Friends of the Orphan Signs: Asst. Prof. Ellen Babcock, ebabcock@unm.edu