The SOMA-CFA Dean’s Travel Grant committee is pleased to congratulate Lara Goldmann (MFA candidate) and Chloe Courtney (MA candidate), recipients for this year’s SOMA-CFA Dean’s Travel Grant Award. The SOMA-CFA Dean’s Travel Grant Award funds students in the Department of Art to travel to Mexico City for eight weeks to attend SOMA Summer, an international artist program involving leading artists, theorists, and curators.

SOMA Summer 2016 will focus on theme of the archive. Archive Fever, Jacques Derrida’s book on the power and politics of the archive, describes a perpetual tension between the will to secure documents that inscribe the past and the desire to share or disseminate them, even at the risk of loss. For the French philosopher, the archive is never a question of the past but a possibility of the future. During SOMA Summer 2016, we will focus on the use and production of documents in contemporary art, as way to expand the discussion of the archive that has been seminal in art practices for more than a decade. Along with scheduled lectures and seminars related to this topic, we will visit a number of important archives in Mexico City that will help us shape an image of the artistic scene in Latin America.

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