The SOMA-CFA Dean’s Travel Grant committee is pleased to congratulate Nina Dubois (MFA ’14) and Adrian Pijoan (MFA candidate), this year’s recipients for the SOMA-CFA Dean’s Travel Grant! The Dean’s Travel Grant funds two CFA students to travel to Mexico City for eight weeks to attend SOMA Summer, an international artist program involving leading artists, theorists, and curators.

SOMA Summer 2014 will focus on the notions of participation and collaboration in art:

The increasing number of college degree programs termed “Social Practice,” and recognized art collectives illustrate the normalization of collective work as a mainstream artistic strategy. Yet, collaboration in art is frequently political by nature or, at least, claims this status. The group dynamic allows for a certain kind of anonymity that often translates into a high degree of open confrontation and criticality. But, in war rhetoric, to collaborate can mean “to work with the enemy.” To collaborate can also connote neo-liberal, creative entrepreneurialism. This is to say, there are many ways to engage the other. This summer, seminars and workshops will focus on the various forms of collectivity and its operational implications.

This year’s invited artists include Camel Collective, Ted Purves, Chip Lord, Nate Harrison, Harrell Fletcher, Superflex, Mariana Botey, and Tercerunquinto.

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