The Land Arts of the American West program is pleased to announce our 2015 Research Awards. These awards are made possible with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Lannan Foundation.

Andrew W. Mellon Land Arts International Research Grants

  • Cristine Posner, $3,000 to support her participation in the Havana Biennial
  • Renee Mckitterick $2,000 fund travel to participate in a Porcelain Residency in The Pottery Workshop, Jingezhen, China

Andrew W. Mellon Land Arts Post MFA Research Grants

  • B. Jones has been awarded $7,500 for her community mural project in Brooklyn, NY
  • Cedra Wood has received $7,500 for her research project on exotic species in Australia.

Lannan Endowed Chair Post MFA Research Grants

  • Tammy Zibners $4,000 to support her research into stories of the American West for a new series of songs on her upcoming CD.