The P. I. Project: A Speakeasy Dinner Performance
September 10, 2016
Tickets Available

Central Features Contemporary Art and Dig & Serve, two of Albuquerque’s newest creative business ventures, partner with nationally-recognized local artist Jessamyn Lovell to create “The P. I. Project: A Speakeasy Dinner Performance,” an unprecedented interactive dining and performance art event on September 10, 2016. This pop-up, five-course dinner boasts local, seasonal, organic ingredients selected for their obvious as well as hidden characteristics. Dinner guests will become participants — their senses heightened — as this unique art and food experience unfolds to reveal aspects of Lovell’s sleuth process, and each guest will receive a personalized artwork. The location of the dinner will be revealed 24 hours prior to the event.

The name of the event stems from gallery artist Jessamyn Lovell’s provocative, genre-breaking, new conceptual artwork called “The P.I. Project,” which is a follow-up to her widely-recognized (The Today Show, This American Life, Wired, and more) identity theft project “Dear Erin Hart,.” For “The P. I. Project,” Lovell is training to become a fully licensed private investigator, creating commissioned artworks for and in collaboration with client-collectors as part of her artistic process.

For “The P. I. Project: A Speakeasy Performance,” Lovell, Central Features, and Dig & Serve set out to create a distinct, performative, participatory experience for art and food lovers alike. Throughout the evening, attendees will be privy to Lovell’s process and be immersed in a sensory world of art, food, and revelation. Participants will also have the opportunity to commission an investigative artwork from Lovell as well as support her work and be involved in “The P.I. Project” in a variety of ways.