Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Requirements:

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Degree Requirements:

Graduation Requirements
General Admissions Information
UNM Rome Program

Transfer Requirements

Admission from other Accredited Institutions:
For transfer students, admission will be based on transcripts from previous schools. You must first file your application for admission through the Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 4895, Albuquerque, NM 87196-4895;

Residence Requirements for Transfer Students:
A minimum of 30 semester hours of credit must be earned at UNM to receive an undergraduate degree. Of the 30 hours, 15 must be earned as a senior (after 92 hours). At least one-half of the minimum number of credit hours required for major study must be course work in residence at UNM.

Undergraduate Degrees in the Department of Art & Art History:
All UNM undergraduate degrees have a minimum requirement of 128 total hours. In addition to the departmental hours, listed below, the balance of the 128 hours are earned in liberal arts requirements and other electives.

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree: The major consists of 52 hours in art studio and 18 hours in art history.

BAFA Art History (Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts) degree: The major consists of 39 hours in art history and 9 hours in art studio.

BAFA Art Studio (Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts) degree: The major consists of 33 hours in art studio and 15 hours in art history.

Independent Study & Departmental Honors

Art Studio: ARTS 495
Art History: ARTH 496
Independent Study in the Department of Art and Art History is open to students who are in their junior or senior year and/or have completed a substantial portion of their major studies. If you are interested in taking an Independent Study, please discuss your proposal with the professor with whom you wish to complete the Independent Study. If approved, the professor will override Banner/Lobo-Web, which will allow you to register yourself for the course. No application is required. ARTS 495 and ARTH 496 may each be taken twice for credit.

Art Studio: ARTS 499
Art History: ARTH 499
Departmental Honors, ARTS 499 and ARTH 499, are open to students who are interested in doing either a studio exhibition or an art history research paper in their senior year. Traditionally, the studio thesis includes an exhibition, a paper, and a talk; the history thesis includes a research paper and a talk. However, what is to be done for any given thesis is strictly up to the Honors Thesis Committee and the student. If you are interested, please see the professor that you would like to serve as your Honors Thesis chair/tutor. Also, please schedule an appointment with the A&AH Undergraduate Advisor to discuss your plans and complete the paperwork.

The purpose of the departmental honors program is two-fold: (1) to expand and strengthen the student’s knowledge of his/her major field of study through a more intense focus, and (2) to provide a closer working relationship with the faculty. A student is admitted into the honors program based on a high level of academic and creative performance. Continuance in the program and the level of honors awarded is at the discretion of the Department Chair. The minimum requirement for graduation with departmental honors is six credit hours in Honors Thesis, ARTS 499 or ARTH 499. The six hours are to be taken over the two semesters of the senior year.

A 3.5 cumulative GPA is required. If you have between a 3.2 and 3.49 cumulative GPA, the professor who is your potential honors committee chair can formally request that the department chair allow you into the program.


    1. For art studio, an artist’s statement approximately two pages in length
    2. A professor to serve as a chairperson for the thesis committee
    3. Two additional professors to serve on the thesis committee
    4. The signatures of the three professors
    5. A letter of recommendation from the proposed faculty tutor
    6. For art studio, twelve samples of work in a format to be determined by the applicant
    7. For art history, a written sample of exceptional research or opinion from an art history class

If you are interested in taking honors thesis please make an appointment with the Art and Art History undergraduate advisor. To make an appointment call 277-4817.

After admission to the program, the student assumes complete responsibility for the completion of the project, including the time and place of the exhibition and/or talk and the completion of the paperwork for the final evaluation of the thesis. If the exhibition is to be in the John Sommers Gallery, arrangements should be made with the director of the gallery. Oral presentations of the art history papers should be arranged with the A&AH Director of Graduate Studies to coincide with the spring art history graduate symposium.

Final evaluation will be done by the committee during the exhibition or oral presentation. A level of honors will be recommended by the committee. The final level of honors is at the discretion of the Department Chair.