Hazel Batrezchavez

2018 SOMA-CFA Dean’s Travel Grant Award Recipient

We are pleased to announce Hazel Batrezchavez as this year’s recipient of the SOMA-CFA Dean’s Travel Grant Award to attend SOMA Summer in Mexico City. SOMA Summer is a unique eight-week program for international artists, curators, critics, and art historians, conducted in English in Mexico City The program introduces participants to the dynamic art scene of Mexico City through visits to museums, openings, and artists’ studios.

SOMA Summer 2018 will focus on ideas that promote sustainability, looking closely at a handful of organizations in and around the city (Teotihuacán, Xochimilco, and Texcoco) that are working to maintain ecological and economic balance. The program is conceived as a hands-on experience where participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with a number of historians, urbanists, lawmakers and artists involved with transforming environmental limitations into more socially-fair possibilities. Local and international artists and thinkers who work alongside this parameter will nurture this eight-week experience.

This marks the fifth year of collaboration between SOMA Summer and UNM College of Fine Arts. Each year, CFA sends one or more graduate students with support from the Dean’s Travel Grant and matching funds from SOMA Summer. Congratulations Hazel!

SOMA Summer