Anna McConnell

My name is Anna McConnell. I grew up in Questa New Mexico, then moved to Taos New Mexico when I was 9. I am currently an art studio major, in my fourth year finishing up my bachelor’s degree at UNM Albuquerque. I’ve been creating all kinds of art throughout my life using numerous mediums since I could walk and even went to a Walldorf school where I learned many hands-on art styles. This background has greatly influenced me because I have many artistic skills now which I am able to use throughout my life. I had started with finger-painting and drawing as a child, then began ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking and eventually went into higher advanced techniques like digital art and 3D printing in high school and college. I learned sculpture, felting, and did a lot of drawing at the Waldorf school, and even participated in two plays there. My most preferred medium is drawing and painting digitally. Most of my work revolves around nature as it is my passion and I’ve always had a connection and interest to the outdoors since I’ve lived in the mountains and forests all my life.

I believe my art makes a defining statement about both the future and the present. Mainly with my endangered species series, where pollution and human impact is harshly and dangerously affecting them, this will probably be happening in the future as it is happening now. Much of my printmaking and painting work is like this and I hope my work challenges the theories of others for the better.

I’ve recently been wanting to start making commission work online for clients or beginning an interior design, or graphic design business with a mentor and hope to continue a successful art career in the future. Though, I do have many more ideas for the future as well. What inspires me and makes me want to continue to do art throughout my life is not just the desire I have from making the work, but also the wonder and surprise I get from others when enjoying my art. I want to inspire others and show them how enjoyable, beautiful and peaceful nature can be, and maybe even have them learn from my art as well.

Artist Statement

My work revolves around nature and the outdoors. It references threats of global warming and human impact on animals, or landscape scenes of the modern world. My main goal for my art is to get people interested, engaged, and informed on the present and future of the endangerment of species, and learn to love and enjoy nature in an art form.