Julia Reeder

Instagram: @artby_hulia

I am a sculptural artist from Albuquerque. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the University of New Mexico. My interests lie in the worlds of 3D, materials and multimedia. I have no preference for one 3D medium over another, I am always exploring new materials. Investigation with different mediums and materials has been a huge part of my individual growth and research as an artist. My ideas develop in conjunction with my understanding for new materials.

My work is a statement about the present, you must bring yourself into real-time to interact with the tangible space occupied by sculpture. It is a physical experience that we are in desperate need of, in the high-speed world we know today. Experimenting in ceramics, wood and metal as well as multiple casting techniques has resulted in exposure to everything from wo-man power to power tools. Learning under several teachers and next to many students and their varieties of styles has kept me open-minded, optimistic and inspired.