Katie Conley

Katherine Conley is a photographer born in Charleston, South Carolina. She currently studies at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where she currently resides.

Katherine’s work is playful and often childish. By integrating found objects, old photographs, processes from home, children’s craft supplies, and historic indigo dye processes, her  images reflect her vibrant, goopy, soft, sugared-up, and sometimes tarnished view of her own identity, memories, home, and change.

Her photographic work explores the evolution of memory and her own experience navigating through the wonderful (and sometimes terrible) parts of growing up in the US at the dawn of the 21st century. Surroundings change and people come and go. At times we are left with a mess; a clutter of trust issues or fears we never had before.  Other times we are left repaired, with a better sense of self.  And sometimes we are left with a jumble of memories—tainted and obscured by the meanings we give them.

The idea of what remains, is one that has fascinated her as she has watched friends, partners, and family members come and go. Katherine uses souvenirs of the past to create works about the present.  She moved from a marshy, coastal home to the arid desert. Amidst these changes, she considers the ways she has been impacted by the places and people left behind.  What is salvageable? And what can never be recovered? What stains remain?