Matthew Duda

For the most part, the subject of my work is often people, documenting humans and their environments. There is something to be discovered in the emotions and expressions of human beings that I feel we can learn about our own selves with. My audience is anyone who has an open heart or mind and is willing to listen. I work mainly in film photography, for most of my career up onto this point I have shot black and white film for assignments and dabbling here and there in color 35mm. Developing and shooting my own black and white film is a tactile and involving process allowing me to feel more connected to my photographs. I come from a suburban bubble of a small town in Randolph, New Jersey, where I feel a lot of people I have met are afraid to venture out of said bubble, and for the most part my job as a photographer is to document both inside and outside of this environment and the experiences that accompany them.

I am a Student and practicing artist attending the University of New Mexico on the verge of graduating and my education at UNM has allowed me to take other forms of study (mainly philosophy) to create work with a deep root in conceptual practice. I believe if I am going to pursue something for the sake of artistic practice, I should dig as deep and wide as possible for information to back up my work.

Even though my work is mainly photographic,  I have recently been pursuing the idea of owning a clothing company which serves as a place for my work, and also allows me to work in other art forms such as fashion and graphic design. I want to see my work be a sort of multimedia experience utilizing analog and digital techniques to create a company that allows me to be self sustainable and create work for the rest of my life.