Senior Capstone Spring 2020

"hey, still here"
Online Exhibition

Artist's Response to COVID-19

banner image by Nicole Celeste Anderson

The semester began quietly and excitedly. Everyone worked on artist’s statements, resumes, and short digital presentations on their work. We drank tea, workshopped the writing, formatted resumes to look professional and streamlined, and we drank more tea. We met artists, visited local art spaces, visited our museum and the CFA Downtown Gallery that would later have housed the exhibition by the 21 students finishing their BFA degree in my Senior Capstone class.

Mid-semester came and we now faced a herculean challenge, the pandemic. The class regrouped, we met via zoom and planned an online exhibition for work that would have originally been seen in a space with light, and ambient sound and accompanied by snacks during an opening reception with friends and family present. Here’s what my resilient students came up with. Sit back, grab some cheese and crackers, a drink and look at the complex and beautiful work of these talented students. We all wish you could have seen the works in person!

-Mary Tsiongas, Professor, Department of Art