Carlos I. Gabaldon

Holding, 2019, Projected Video, Interactive Panels, Electronics, 13' x 15' x 15'

¿Porque?, 2019, Single Channel Video, Total Run Time: 7min 25 sec

3 AM, 2018, Interactive 2-Dimensional Game, Approximate Play Time: ~1-2 hours

Carlos I. Gabaldon

Artist Website

My work continuously explores, deconstructs, and reintroduces the identifiers I have both adopted and inherited: Queer, Mexican, Immigrant.

With a background in video and animation, I am never limited to one medium, material, or format. Instead, my introduction to art through time-based media influences how I navigate the construction and understanding of a concept. Using various materials and technologies, I consider what inherent interpretations they may bring to a given experience. Design, atmosphere, and storytelling are the means I use to create interactive and standalone artworks, playing with the instinctual, and questioning the normalized and unconscious.