Briana Moreno

Briana Moreno (b. El Paso, TX) is a visual artist who engages in making photographs through utilizing various imaging processes. Briana continues to research technical photographic processes as a vital piece in the work she produces.

She will earn her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in May 2021. During her three year fine art academic career she attended a half term with the Glasgow School of Art, U.K, under its third year honors fine art photography. She has earned several academic achievements and scholarships including the Ada Wester Fine Art Endowment, 2019-2021 and has been regularly listed on the Dean’s List; she plans on graduating with honors, cum laude.

Besides academics, Briana enjoys volunteering free time to non-profit organizations that promote Art and Stem to the youth; Ex. She provided 50 hours of volunteer work to an non-profit educational organization called “Creative Kids”, which provides an interactive art experience for youth with social/economic disadvantages and who are experiencing life threatening illnesses or disability.

Artist Statement:
I have struggled with the idea of abiding to rigid social and political conformities without the use of further research in forming your own conclusions. A small hand-held digital camera is a technology that I was able to experience on my own terms and that was a step towards making my own investigations of the world around me. Image making gave me a platform to break free from a self I created for social acceptance.

I share my visual perceptions to communicate various topics in lieu of words. Much of the work I have created tries to communicate a question of how humans utilize space in terms of (not limited to) surveillance, consumerism, and industrial uses. I connect with my images when they are described similarly to my own personality traits; Quiet, mysterious, surreal, familiar, night (low light) and intimate are some of the adjectives used to describe the images that I produce.