Joseph Mendoza

Joseph Mendoza

Artist Statement:

Flight Upon the Wings of the Gilded Age is a world-building project that is being continually developed overtime through grand-scale landscapes, original characters and designs, and a growing continuity, narrative, and chronology. Landscapes are my main focus as the concept of world-building is put on display as a uniquely detailed world that feels coherent, structured, and alive. This is supplemented by various drawings depicting characters, technology, and any elements required to ensure that  attention to precise detail is achieved. The project has been expanded upon over the years as a multi-media project exploring  the field of interactive media such as video games and vr projects, as well as character-centric or mood oriented music compositions.

Flight takes inspiration from numerous sources including history and contemporary and classical fantasy concepts. It develops it’s own identity through usage of more historical ,architectural and design elements and touching upon aspects of a bygone era with the theme of adventure and exploration at it’s core. ( With the theme  of adventure and exploration at it’s core, Flight seems to develop its own identity through the use of historical  architectural and design elements.)

The project first started in 2015 with the creation of the main character: Adelle. The concept of world-building would not be fully considered as a direction until around 2018. In 2019 the first book was created as a 172 page illustrated manuscript called Flight Upon the Wings of the Gilded Age. Flight takes failed starts, fleeting ideas, evolution of styles and forms, and combines them  into a more coherent narrative.  It is a living project it will be continually worked and re-worked over the years to come.

Thoughts on Covid

 Having always been a solitary person I thought: “I’ll be fine, I can handle a quick quarantine.” but as time went on…and on…it began to affect my ability to work hard. There were periods where I put in as little work as possible and to a degree it affected the art work. Although I bounced back and managed to fully embrace the escapism possibilities of art, I still long for the days of movie theaters and meeting at coffee shops with other artists.