Ed Brandt

Professor of Practice, Graphic Design

Originally from Chicago, Ed received a BA from Lewis University in 1994, concentrating in both fine art and graphic design. Upon graduation he began his career as a production artist and prepress technician before being promoted to graphic designer, then to department manager, while also managing the department’s IT needs. In 1999, he founded Brandt Design, a multidisciplinary graphic design agency, which provided design services to a diverse national client base that conducted business in wide ranging markets.

Throughout this time Ed continued his studio practice, exhibiting in both group and solo exhibitions. He has served as adjunct professor and continuing education instructor teaching a variety of fine art, graphic design, and technical courses. Ed returned to school to pursue a graduate degree in the fine arts, receiving an MFA from The University of New Mexico in 2017 with a focus in painting and drawing.

Along with his responsibilities in education, he continues to work commercially as an independent graphic designer and consultant collaborating with clients, associates, and vendors providing industry related services. He also maintains a studio practice participating in the fine arts. Influenced by the experiences and philosophies he has developed through his years as a commercial creative, mixed with contemporary art concerns, Ed’s painted abstractions balance reductive formal directness with richly layered media and materials that explore perceptions of object, place, and past experiences.