Justin Makemson

Assistant Professor, Art Education

Justin Makemson PhD is an assistant professor of art education in UNM’s Department of Art Studio-History-Education and President-Elect of the New Mexico Art Education Association. Makemson has worked in teacher preparation in art education for over ten years, and prior to working in higher education, he taught 15 years in community art programs and public schools in Missouri and Indiana.

Makemson received his doctorate from Indiana University in 2014. His research interests include student-artist identities, teacher resiliency, folklore-based creative traditions, and technologies of place. Makemson moved to UNM from Belmont University (Nashville, Tennessee) in 2017; Makemson was an associate professor of art and the university’s art education program coordinator at Belmont.

Makemson’s recent publications address technology-mediated learning and complex studio skills, teacher resiliency in urban environments, visual research methods, and the virtual augmentation of public art spaces. He regularly presents at and participates in international, national, and state-level art education conferences. Makemson’s studio efforts concentrate on glasswork, branding, toy design (specifically LEGO designs), and board games; his work was recently on exhibition in Santa Fe and Nashville. He organizes the UNM Young Artists Exhibition for New Mexico’s middle school and high school artists and the NMAEA Member Exhibition through the Masley Gallery of Art.