Ryan Henel

Field Coordinator, Land Arts of the American West

Research Lecturer III

Ryan Henel is the Field Coordinator for the University of New Mexico’s Land Arts of the American West program and a Research Lecturer III for the Art + Ecology Department. He is also a Lead Artist for the Harwood Art Center’s Art and Social Justice Apprenticeship, which employs high-school and college students to design and fabricate works of public art. Ryan has an MFA in Art + Ecology and a BFA in Studio Art from the University of New Mexico. He received the Land Arts Mobile Research Center’s Post-MFA Grant funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation to develop case studies that integrated land art into public infrastructure. Ryan is a practicing artist who develops site-specific public artworks and temporary installations that use perspective, patterns, and scale to prompt the viewer to experience a different understanding of their relationship to an environment. His most recent work focuses on public artworks that incorporate principles of biophilic design, green infrastructure, and habitat creation.