Yoshiko Shimano

Professor, Printmaking

Working on a grand scale, printmaker Yoshiko Shimano conveys her profound commitment to the desire to help create a world where all people live together in thoughtful harmony. She believes it is through the nurturing of a peaceful mind that all people can discover a personal inner spirit, which already exists within, to bring us together.
By the use of multiple layers of printmaking marks, Shimano creates works which are transformed beyond physical media into a rich, dense presence that becomes one with her imagery. Her work invites its audience to enter into a seemingly infinite and paradoxically intimate space. Her pieces are often created as a series and, when hung in one space, these large-scale prints become installations or environmental works, which interact with the architecture and create their own atmosphere. She likes the possibility of the work “breathing” in its specific environment. The fusion of artwork and space allows for a concentration of attention, much like prayer.
Japanese born, Yoshiko Shimano’s work has been exhibited extensively in Japan, Canada, and the United States. She has embraced the idea of an artist’s responsibilities in society expanding beyond the studio or gallery. Shimano has offered many outreach projects, local and international, with her students through the Department of Art and Art History at the University of New Mexico.