A current Art MFA student, Art MFA alumnus, and Art faculty are featured in a new book “Primal Sight.”

Primal Sight is a collection of works by 146 artists, and essays by David Campany and Gregory Eddi Jones survey the state of contemporary black-and-white photography.

The project, curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell, includes the works of intergenerational, interdisciplinary, and intersectional artists, each questioning the perceived order of things. These interrogations center on issues of race, gender, philosophy, and praxis, subverting traditional notions of black-and-white imagery into something feral and queered, possessed of previously unimagined possibilities.

“I’m beyond excited to be apart of this book,” said Andre Ramos-Woodard “along with Mark McKnight, UNM faculty, and Logan Bellew, UNM alumni (respectively) who both of which I’m honored to have my work sit alongside.”

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