The University of New Mexico’s Art Education Program prepares artist-educators:

To demonstrate the conceptual frameworks; technical and practical expertise; critical and creative practices; responsiveness to historical, political, and sociocultural developments impacting art education; technological possibilities and proficiencies; and foundational understanding in the domains of art education, studio art, design and aesthetics, visual culture, and art history required to effective teach in and through the visual arts.

To design coherent long-term and short-term curriculum in the visual arts that defines and measures student learning outcomes; corresponds to national standards; considers the preparation of instructional materials and spaces; outlines specific instructional procedures and organizational strategies; and demonstrates a meaningful understanding of lesson content, supporting resources, and the specific needs and interests of a diverse student population.

To generate, integrate, and engage in research that informs individual instructional practice and contributes to the broader field of art education; to create reflexive practitioners capable of self determining personal dispositions, professional positions, community participation, and sociocultural sensitivities, and as well as the consequences of action in regard to the equitable treatment of all learners and the relevancy of visual arts to describe and improve the human condition.


Historic Masley Hall is a learning space shared between Art Education, Pueblo Pottery, and the New Mexico Musical Heritage Project and located in the heart of UNM’s central campus. The building includes elementary and secondary methods classrooms, ceramics studio, printmaking studio, fabrication lab, photography suite, conference and seminar rooms, and Masley Art Gallery.


Art Education Graduate Student Association

UNM’s Art Education Graduate Student Association (AEGSA) is a registered student organization that has been active within the Art Education Program since 2000. AEGSA represents, supports, and advocates for the UNM Art Education Program and its students. The AEGSA group under graduate student leadership regularly partners with the region’s extended community of teachers, schools, museums, community organizations, and others.

National Art Education Association Student Chapter

UNM’s Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association is the university-level affiliate of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and the New Mexico Art Education Association (NMAEA). The student chapter under undergraduate student leadership concentrates on community building and connecting UNM art education students to professional resources and networks at the local, regional, and national level. The student chapter also coordinates with the AEGSA group to sponsor monthly events including speakers, site visits, gallery crawls, and creative workshops.


Justin Makemson

Justin Makemson

Assistant Professor

Makemson moved to UNM in 2017 from Belmont University (Nashville, TN) where he was the art education program coordinator and an associate professor of art.  Prior to his tenure in higher education, Makemson taught...

Nancy Pauly

Nancy Pauly

Associate Professor

Dr. Nancy Pauly is an Associate Professor in the Art Education Program and 2013-2014 Program Coordinator. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a minor in African and African-American...

Gigi Schroeder Yu

Gigi Schroeder Yu

Assistant Professor

Gigi Schroeder Yu, PhD is an assistant professor in art education in the art department at the University of New Mexico. She has also previously taught at Millikin University and DePaul University. Yu has over 20 years of experience teaching art...

Dr. Alexander Simeon Masley (1903-1996) was the founder of the Art Education Program at the University of New Mexico, then the Department of Art Education, in 1947. Dr. Masley served as the first chairperson of the department from 1950 to 1968 and retired in 1969 as Professor Emeritus. Dr. Masley was born in Akeley, Minnesota in 1903 and attended the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis School of Art. He received his doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum holds five of Dr. Masley’s engravings in their collection. Images of Dr. Masley’s work can be seen on-line.

The Minnesota Historical Society has 21 works by Dr. Masley in its collection and available on-line.

Another of Dr. Masley’s artworks can be seen at askart.