The faculty of the UNM Art Department are pleased to announce the new Covington-Rhode Senior Prize in Art!

2020: Carlos I. Gabaldon, Elleott Leigh Herrera, Vir Kaur Khalsa, Emma Sobel, Lucas Zuniga

The Covington-Rhode Senior Prize in Art at The University of New Mexico recognizes outstanding achievement of our undergraduate art students during their senior year, promotes professionalism and excellence in the visual arts, and motivates and encourages all art students to achieve their fullest potential throughout their years in the program. The competition is open to graduating seniors (undergraduates) earning a degree in the Art Department who have a studio practice. The competition will give students the experience to exhibit their artwork and participate in a professional evaluation. Recipient(s) will be recognized at the College of Fine Arts Spring Convocation.

The Covington-Rhode Prize was established in 2018 by Patricia Covington and Shari Rhode.   Dr. Covington earned two degrees, a BA in Art and a BA in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico in 1968.  She worked at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL for 33 years: as Assistant Director in the School of Art, Associate Director of Admissions and Records, and Director of Academic Programs under the Provost.  Shari Rhode was legal counsel and chief trial attorney at Southern Illinois University for thirty years, and is now the sole owner of Rhode Law Firm in Carbondale, IL.

Carlos I. Gabaldon (He/Him) is a Queer, Mexican-American Immigrant artist, working with various mediums, with a focus in video and electronic art. Design, atmosphere, and storytelling are the means Gabaldon uses to create interactive and standalone artworks, playing with the instinctual, and questioning the normalized and unconscious.

Lucas Zuniga is a multi-disciplined artist whose work seeks to confront and experience traditions and impulses of many media. He is at once;  grateful for his opportunities here at UNM, proud of his growth as an artist, and excited to create so much more.

Emma Sobel was raised in Santa Fe, she is a lens-based artist, creating narrative portraiture, still life, landscape, film, and assemblage handmade books.  She explores femininity, identity, domesticity, relationships, and beauty. She is interested in the body, the home, and the land as sites of allure and exploitation. Creating art is one of her greatest passions.

Elleott Leigh Herrera is an image-based artist whose work explores and documents patterns of life, death, and rebirth in nature.  She briefly studied photojournalism at Santa Fe University of Art and Design before coming to UNM in Fall 2017.

Vir Kaur Khalsa’s primary interest as an artist is in how reflections break colors down, leading to various interactions of hues. By drawing on photographic prints she merges contrasting processes into one.