Masley Art Gallery

Masley Art Gallery

Under the direction of the Art Education faculty, We invite Art Ed students to exhibit their works to express and enhance their learning. Faculty members also show their art to share their creative research, and we invite art teachers, school-age students, and other community members to display their art for special shows.

The Masley Gallery is #68 on UNM Main Campus Map. It is North of Kiva #69, East of Zimmerman Library, and South of Travelstead Hall #65.

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#68 on UNM Campus Map



Fall 2023

Our Relationship to Nature

Young Children STEAM
September 4 – September 15

Sofia Subieta-Mendez

MFA Exhibition
October 1 – October 14

Taylor Engel

MFA Exhibition
October 16 – October 27

Young Artist Exhibition Middle & High School Juried Exhibition

November 1 – November 22

Land Arts

ARTS Group Exhibition
December 4 – December 15

Spring 2024

UNM Art Education All-program

January 29 – February 9

MFA Cohort Exhibition

February 19 – March 1

Young Children Exhibition

March 3 – March 9

Julia Reeder

MA Thesis Exhibition
March 18 – March 29

Josie Duran

BFA Thesis Exhibition
April 15 – April 26

Art Education Capstone Graduating Cohort Exhibition

April 29 – May 8