hands working a ceramics wheel

Ceramics Facilities

Ceramics is housed in three separate buildings. Undergraduate facilities are located in the Art Building and Masley Hall on main campus. Graduate and faculty facilities can be found at the Charles Mattox Research Center, a few blocks off-campus.

The Mattox spans over 30,000-square-feet of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary workspace, dedicated to individual studios, communal areas for large-scale works, exhibition and critique rooms. Students with backgrounds in Ceramics, Arts and Ecology, Experimental Art and Technology, Sculpture and Small Scale Metals Construction are admitted into the MFA program by the consensus decision of faculty in those five areas.

students work in painting and drawing lab

Painting & Drawing Facilities

For undergraduates the area has multiple large painting and drawing rooms, each outfitted with video projection, sound, and Internet. At the advanced levels, undergraduate students receive their own designated work areas. Graduate students have personal studios in the Art Annex and Mattox Buildings.

In addition, all students, depending on their coursework and focus, have access to multiple tools, labs, shops, and technologies, to expand upon elements critical to their work. The John Sommers Gallery features Honors Thesis and Graduate Thesis exhibitions as well as student and faculty curated exhibitions. The College of Fine Arts includes a newly renovated Fine Arts Library, the University Art Museum, and the internationally renowned Tamarind Institute

Photography Facilities

The photography area’s facilities serve several hundred students every semester as they explore the art of photography in all its manifestations. Recognizing the need for contemporary, yet diverse workspaces we offer state-of-the-art digital labs, fully functional darkrooms and non-silver labs, a well-equipped lighting studio, and an in-depth installation and performance space.

We have two digital labs, one for undergraduates and one for graduate students. The undergraduate lab is equipped with one Epson P9000 and one Canon Pro-4100 (44” wide prints), one Canon Pro-2100 (24” wide prints), and five Canon Pro-1000’s (13” wide prints). The graduate lab is equipped with one Epson 9900 and one Canon Pro-4100 (44” wide prints), an Imacon 949, one Howtek D4000 Drum Scanner, and one Epson V850 Pro (flatbed scanner). The black & white facilities consist of a gang darkroom with 12 enlargers (Saunders LPL, Omega D2, Besseler), each capable of printing negatives up to 4×5”.

We also have a range of digital cameras, lighting kits, large format cameras, and medium format cameras, as well as many other items available for checkout to enrolled students. Equipment is available for checkout Monday-Friday, from 9am-4pm, for a period of three days (longer-term accommodations can be made for specific projects).

Printmaking Facilities

  • 3 Takach etching presses, 72” x 39.5”, 60” x 33.5”, 36.5” x 17.5”
  • A rosin box and spray paint booth for aquatint technique
  • Ferric Chloride and copper sulfate baths are provided

  • 3 Takach lithography presses, all 56” x 33”
  • 1 Takach tabletop lithography press, 36” x 24”
  • The limestone library is home to 80+ stones including several large 40” x 30” stones

  • 1 Silkscreen exposure unit
  • 1 vacuum table, 30” x 48”
  • 72” x 48” x 24” spray booth

2 NuArc exposure units with the maximum capacity of 30” x 48” for Photolithography and Photo intaglio

Printmaking darkroom with equipment

  • 4 Mac workstations
  • 2 Epson scanners, including an Epson 10000XL
  • 2 Large-format ink-jet printers, Epson 4880 and T5270
  • 3 laser printers, HP 4015, HP 700M712, Brother HL 2240D

  • 1 Takach etching press, 60” x 33.5”

Sculpture Facilities

360° Virtual Tour
Tour the woodworking, metal fabrication, and casting rooms, along with two large workrooms that are included in the sculpture lab area.

Tour the spaces dedicated to graduate students and faculty: wood shop, metal shop, mezzanine, and a third floor MFA Studio.