Graduate Facilities

Art Annex

The Art Annex is located on the southwest corner of the main campus. It is the graduate facility for our painters, printmakers and photographers. The Annex has 24 individual studio spaces, 11 darkrooms and our non-silver photo lab. Darkroom spaces are assigned on a basis of one to two. Upon entry into the graduate program, each painting/drawing student receives access to a graduate studio in the Art Annex. A small centrally located exhibition/ critic space is on the first floor and used for student and graduate reviews.

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Mattox Sculptural Research Center

Studio space for our 3-D students is located in the Mattox Sculptural Research Center. This 3-level, 29,000 square foot converted auto body shop has 2 bay doors on street level and drive-up ramps between floors. After completion of a shop safety seminar, students enjoy 24-hour access to the ceramic facility, wood shop, metal fabrication facility, and three large areas devoted to assembly and installation.

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