Covington-Rhode Senior Prize

The Covington-Rhode Senior Prize is made possible through the generosity of UNM Alumna Dr. Patricia Covington and Shari Rhode.

We are grateful for their love of art and confidence in the future of our outstanding UNM Department of Art scholars. The faculty of the UNM Department of Art are pleased to announce the Covington-Rhode Senior Prize will be awarded in the spring semester of 2024.

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Previous Winners

2023 – Andrew Michael Joseph Jogi, Anran Zhang
2022 – Audrey Montoya
2021 – Ashleigh Abbot, Lacey Chrisco, Katherine Conley,
Jiayi Liang, Sergio Stryker
2020 – Carlos I. Gabaldon, Elleott Leigh Herrera, Vir Kaur Khalsa
Emma Sobel, Lucas Zuniga
2019 – Cynthia Marris

Covington Rhode Senior Prize Winners Gallery