headshot of stewart copeland

Stewart Copeland

Assistant Professor

Stewart Copeland is a transdisciplinary artist with a passion for emergent media, new narrative genres, and artistic research. His art often incorporates technology as a means to explore, dissect, and interrogate technological systems themselves. Collaboration across disciplines plays a major role in his practice, particularly in the field of science where he often works with biologists, engineers, ecologists, and wildlife management personnel.

Stewart was a documentary filmmaker and professional musician in Tennessee before moving to Providence where he received his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He was a lecturer in New Media at the University of Illinois and instructor in the Digital + Media and Landscape Architecture departments at RISD. Since 2018, Stewart has worked as a consultant and researcher for Nature Lab where he handles EPSCOR related visualization and imaging projects. He is a co-creator of VIS-A-THON, a collaborative art-based visualization program funded by the National Science Foundation and the RI C-AIM.