Szu-Han Ho

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Szu-Han Ho

Associate Professor
Graduate Director

Associate Professor, Art & Ecology
Graduate Director

Szu-Han Ho’s work in performance, sound, and installation explores the relationship between bodies and sites of memory. She often works collaboratively, through collective action, structured improvisation, and group composition. Recent projects include “MIGRANT SONGS,” a choral performance art piece based on stories and songs of human and nonhuman migration; and “Shelter in Place,” a sculptural installation and performance inspired by her family’s history in Taiwan. Szu-Han’s work has been exhibited at Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo, JP), SOMA (Mexico City), VSF (Los Angeles), Southern Exposure (San Francisco), Tulsa Artist Fellowship Flaship, Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco), and Revolutions International Theatre Festival. Szu-Han has been a recipient of the MAP Fund (2023), Art for Justice Fund (2020), and Art Matters Grant (2019).

Szu-Han lives and works in Tiwa Territory (Albuquerque, NM) and is a founding member of the fronteristxs, a collective working on ending migrant detention and abolish the prison industrial complex.

Courses Taught:
ARTS 141 Introduction to Art & Ecology
ARTS 446/546 The Politics of Performance
ARTS 445/545 TEXT + IMAGE: Graphic Design for Artists
ARTS 429/529 Topics: Rehearsing the Self: Experiments in Narrative Writing
ARTS 429/529 Topics: Re-Mix Culture
ARTS 429/529 Topics: Vizcaya CAP Lab
ARTS 429/529 Topics: Creating Change
ARTS 429/529 Topics: Co-Evolution: Art + Biology in the Museum
ARTS 593 Graduate Seminar in Theory and Practice