UNM Art & Ecology Alum Kaitlin Bryson receives an AWAW / NY Foundation for the Arts award

Art & Ecology alum Kaitlin Bryson just received an AWAW / NY Foundation for the Arts award. The AWAW EAG program supports environmental art projects that inspire thought, action, and ethical engagement.

Kaitlin Bryson’s Bellow Forth (New Mexico) is a multispecies, multidisciplinary, community project located in the American southwest focused on restoring soil health and environmental resiliency through art, ecosystem science, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and community action. Working within wildfire-impacted communities in New Mexico, the project’s multilayers engage humans with non-human communities to better understand how interactions between humans, plants, and microbes might alter the health of drought-impacted soils. Project collaborators for Bellow Forth include Katilyn Beidler, Beata Tsosie-Peña, and Art & Ecology alum Dylan McLaughlin.

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