Printmaking is the historical frame through which all artistic media are still referenced. The UNM Printmaking area has a strong reputation nationally and attracts many students to both its undergraduate and graduate programs. Many of our former graduate Printmaking students are now teaching in various universities and leading contemporary Printmaking into the next generation. The Printmaking area continues to enroll a strong number of students, and there is a sustained interest in learning how to make prints. Thus, this area offers classes in various print mediums – including Relief, Monotype, Intaglio, Lithography, Serigraphy, and Book Arts. Besides traditional Printmaking, the Printmaking area and its students are also challenging the Printmaking medium, innovatively and through interdisciplinary concerns, about its role in the larger context of contemporary art. In the last ten years, the Printmaking area has offered over fifty community outreach projects and has collaborated with many different groups, including public schools, organizations, and N.P.O’s, both nationally and internationally. There is a large group of printmakers in the Southwest, and the UNM Printmaking area serves an important leadership role to this group.

The Intaglio studio provides 3 Takach intaglio presses; 72” x 39.5”, 60” x 33.5”, 36.5” x 17.5”. The well ventilated studio provides ample opportunity for experimental and traditional techniques. There are both a rosin box and a spray booth for aquatint. Both ferric chloride and copper sulfate etching baths are provided for etching copper, zinc, steel, and aluminum.

The Lithography studio provides 3 Takach lithography presses, all 56” x 33” and 1 Takach tabletop lithography press 36” x 24”. There is also a Vandercook 1 proof press and various lead type. The stone library is home to 80+ stones including
several large 40” x 30” stones.

The Darkroom room provides 2 NuArc exposure units for Photo Lithography and Photo Intaglio. There is also a vacuum top exposure unit and spray out booth located in the Serigraphy studio.

The dedicated Printmaking digital lab provides 3 Mac workstations with 2 Epson scanners including an Epson 10000XL large format scanner. There are 4 printers;Epson 9900, Epson 4880, 2 HP Laser printer (one printing 12” x 18”).