Amber Beaty

Amber Beaty

Instagram: @amber._.beaty

The main focus of my work is large- and small-scale drawings. The pieces which I enjoy the most are those in which I am able to input strenuous amounts of detail in order to achieve an overall appearance of simple complexity for the viewer. The minute details that are time consuming personally serve as a way I directly translate the stress and energy of my life onto the paper. That is what I would consider the message of my work—a visual representation of energy that can be appreciated at any degree of interpretation.

Describing my process is akin to describing a living, breathing, entity. The patterns I create and follow have no real formula, no mathematical or geometric code. Visually, I make my job to place said patterns in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing and makes sense overall. Some of the patterns are things I see every day. Sometimes in other forms of art other times in shapes that make up architecture—pulling from both geometric and organic shapes and blending them together to my liking.

Simply put, my practice is based in the process, in meditation, and in personal enjoyment. My art allows me to detach from the outside world, focus on my breathing, and allow my work to inhale and come alive. I strive to create the kinds of works that one could sit and stare at meditatively. Taking in all the small detail in the piece as it unfolds before them.